Manufacturing focus
24h per day state of the art machines are producing paintballs in our facilities. Eesticaps was founded with the idea to bring paintballs with the best possible quality for the lowest possible price to the market. Thanks to spending years developing our own unique patent pending formulas, as well as thanks to our highly experienced operators and latest high tech machines, Eesticaps can help its customers and partners to achieve a competitive edge with a very high value for the price on all our products.

Factory Direct
Thanks to smart logistics and working close with the market, Eesticaps is the first paintball factory in Europe who can offer all types of business customers the possibility to order Factory direct. While factory direct has been a concept in the American paintball market for many years, it is fairly new to Europe. While still mostly focusing on big distributors and OEM brands, thanks to smart logistics, Eesticaps can competitively supply any size of field or shop.

Quality standards
Eesticaps believes the core values for customers are to expect a high quality paintball in box after box after box. Due to the nature of gelatine and other factors of paintball production, there are shortcuts. Some of our competitors have tried to save costs by using cameras or other systems to monitor the production. Eesticaps pays attention to quality management all the time during production. During the encapsulation process, the quality is constantly monitored by our operators. During drying process and during packing process, every small batch of paintballs is quality checked and only if all criterias are met, the paintballs qualify as a premium product.

Paintball experience
Eesticaps was founded and is managed by paintball veterans. Thanks to more than 20 years experience in the industry, running paintball fields, paintball shops, distribution, branding and different levels of paintball playing since the mid 90th, Eesticaps managers can understand its customers requests and problems in details and by heart.


Grade Caliber Fill Shell colour Hardness Precision
Basic Field .68 Field 1 colour Hard OK
Premium Field .68 Field 2 bright Hard Good
Indoor Field .68 Indoor 1 or 2 bright Medium Good
Winter .68 Winter 1 or 2 winter Very Hard Good
REC .68 REC 1 or 2 bright Medium Good
Tournament .68 Pro 1 or 2 metallic Fragile Excellent
Basic 50cal .50 Field 1 colour Medium Good
Premium 50cal .50 Field 1 bright Medium Good
Indoor 50cal .50 Indoor 1 bright Fragile Good

Eesticaps offers paintballs both in customer branded boxes as well as in some of Eesticaps own brands. For more information on our different brands as well as possibility to make customer specific boxes, contact us for a quote or for some free samples of our different grades.


The Eesticaps factory is located in Narva, Estonia, close to the Russian boarder. The location was choosen carefully and is perfect for paintball production thanks to inexpensive electricity, ideal climate and good access to skilled labour. High quality materials can easilly be accessed from within Northern Europe while still taking advantage of close proximity to low cost materials from the East.

Shipping time by road transport to most of Europe is less than a week, with most major countries accessably by truck in 2-4 days.